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My Predictions

CFL Game Predictions for week 4

Last Week: 4-0
Season: 10-2

Edmonton @ B.C.

Normally, I would expect BC to handle the Eskimos fairly easily at home, but they had their hands full two weeks ago with Saskatchewan, and were humbled by Calgary last week in a game they had every reason to be fired up for. Are Lions' head coach Greg Mohns' motivational techniques starting to become ineffective? If I knew the answer to that, I'd be a lot more confident picking Edmonton. I still think I'll have to pick the Eskimos. Edmonton, 34, BC 26.

Hamilton @ Toronto

Hamilton had their hands full with the Roughriders last week. The Argo-Nots will not be much of a threat to come back once the score gets out of hand, and it will! Hamilton 45, Toronto 8.

Montreal @ Winnipeg

The Bombers have seen more than their share of heartbreak in this young season. But, they need all the breaks to go their way if they are going to prevail against Montreal this week. The Als have a lot of confidence & should have no problem. Montreal 36, Winnipeg 22.

Calgary @ SK

Saskatchewan has got to win sooner or later, but I'm afraid it'll probably be later. Calgary 31, Saskatchewan 25.

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