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CFL Game Predictions for week 17

Last Week: 4-0
Season: 42-22

Toronto at Winnipeg

Somehow, Winnipeg is still alive in the hunt for the CFL's final playoff spot, in a crossover to the western side, if they can finish ahead of Edmonton. They've been picking up their game of late (relatively speaking), while Toronto has been inconsistent all season. Winnipeg does have a quarterback, while the Argos are struggling in that department. Can you guess where I'm going with this? Winnipeg in a minor upset at home. Toronto 21, Winnipeg 24.

Saskatchewan at Edmonton

Edmonton has stunk at home this year (can anyone believe that Don Mathews told his players they were going to go 18-0 at the beginning of this year?). The 'Riders have reeked on the road, & haven't been much better at home lately. Al Ford has resigned, but the team will not automatically improve as a result. The not-so-jolly Green Giants can keep their playoff hopes alive if Winnipeg loses & they manage to beat the Eskimos by 35 points or more, and Edmonton & W'peg both lose next week, and the polar ice caps turn into strawberry jello, and... The 'Riders won't beat Edmonton by one point, let alone 35. Saskatchewan 21, Edmonton 30.

Hamilton at British Columbia

Let's see how these teams match up - B.C.'s lackadaisical offense vs. Hamilton's opportunistic defense. Advantage: Ti-Cats. B.C.'s solid defense vs. Hamilton's high-scoring, multi-talented offense - slight edge to the 'Cats. Special teams - slight edge to B.C. with the "sharp dressed Jimmy" running back kicks. Ronnie's boys should be able to tame the Lions, who may fold if this one starts to get out of hand early. Hamilton 35, B.C. 19.

Montreal at Calgary

Hmmm. This one is very hard to pick. Calgary held B.C. to one point last week, but that was a grudge match, and they may have a letdown this week as a result. Also, they haven't been playing terribly well when they have had the ball. Montreal, on the other hand, looked good against Saskatchewan (who doesn't!), but lost to Winnipeg & had their hands full with Edmonton, finding a way to win at the end. It's really a toss-up, but I have to go with Calgary having a letdown after beating the Lions last week. Montreal 31, Calgary 28.