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CFL Game Predictions for week 16

Winnipeg at Toronto

Toronto managed a measly two points against Hamilton, but will do a little better this week against a more generous Bomber defense. Winnipeg got some breaks last game against the Als, but can still turn the ball over with the best (?) of them. Look for a low-scoring game, with one or two big plays (maybe the Argos' defense) being the difference here. Toronto 18, Winnipeg 11.

Edmonton at Montreal

Edmonton appears to be playing a bit better, if not for their penchant for taking bad penalties. Montreal has got to be hurting after a loss to Winnipeg (the "Calvillo bounce" returned last week, to the delight of Winnipeg fans). This could be a hard-fought, exciting game, especially if Nealon Greene is back on the field. Edmonton is now in a dog-fight with Winnipeg for the last playoff spot in the West, but will come out short this week. Edmonton 23, Montreal 30.

Hamilton at Saskatchewan

Ron Lancaster is going to be hounded this week by the media asking him when he's going to buy a house in Regina. It will hardly affect his team's play, however. Expect the 'Rider defense to collapse this week after looking a bit better than mediocre last week against Calgary. Reggie Slack appears to be moving the ball (& scoring) well, but I can't recall the last time he put two solid games together. Hamilton 40, Sask 24.

British Columbia at Calgary

This is a tough game to call, even under normal circumstances. The way these two teams have played over the last two weeks makes this even more difficult. B.C. was lucky to steal the last game of a home & away series with the struggling Eskimos, while Calgary misfired in a loss at Toronto two weeks ago & were lucky to come back in the dying moments against the lowly Roughriders. Either one of these teams could be starting to falter, but I have to go with Calgary because of their home-field advantage and more experienced coaching in Wally Buono. Yes, I know that B.C. has won their 3 previous games this season against the Stamps, but trends like that aren't very helpful in predicting a winner. B.C. 21, Calgary 26.