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My Predictions

Grey Cup Game Prediction


Montreal vs. British Columbia


B.C. has had an up-and-down season all year, while Montréal has been mostly up. Finally the Als get the chance to play in the big game, after four years of eastern final failures.

What makes this matchup so interesting is that Montréal is a solid, veteran team, but B.C. has the wiliest veteran of them all at quarterback. Damon Allen is showing a lot of poise and confidence, not to mention smarts, as he directs a talented offense. He seems to be getting the big play when he needs it, and is as smooth as silk when he rolls out or scrambles. However, the Alouettes seem to be the more disciplined team & maybe deserve to take home the hardware. But, the team that deserves it more doesn't always prevail. I would look for a game where the winner scores in the high 20's to low 30's in points, with the loser scoring 20-25 points. There will be a few big plays along the way, and a lot of ball-control on both sides. In the end, it's hard to decide between Pringle breaking a long one & Lui finishing his storied career with another cup-winning kick. But, I think the odds are against the 3rd-place Lions & their luck will run out this week. Montréal 32, BC 25.

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